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Renting/leasing or buying/selling business premises involves more than what meets the eye. All business premises are, in fact, unique: there are as many types of business premises as there are businesses. At Oreon Properties our mission is to match the right business to the right premises, in the right location.

Business premises with appeal

We find the appropriate solution for every company that is looking for suitable business premises. Not only the facilities, but also the appeal of the building is important for the company's image. Large companies are often headquartered in impressive office buildings. A notary will feel at home in a stately mansion, car dealerships will have a large showroom as their first priority, whereas an e-commerce company requires above all a sufficiently large warehouse. Which type of premises best suits your activities?

Renting/leasing or buying/selling business premises involves more than what meets the eye.

Business premises with the necessary facilities

For every transaction, be it the renting or selling business premises, Oreon Properties tries to align the needs as optimally as possible with the facilities. Wherever possible, one of our people will personally visit the company that is looking for business premises, to ascertain the infrastructure present and the company's image. Through a personal interview we try to find out how the company intends to profile itself, what facilities are an absolute must, and what plans are being made for the future. We then embark on the search for suitable business premises that meets all expectations.

Similarly, renting or selling business premises requires commercial insight and experience.

Leasing or selling business premises

Similarly, renting or selling business premises requires commercial insight and experience. If you call on Oreon Properties for renting out or selling your business premises, we will make every effort to find a reliable tenant. As an expert in the sale and renting of commercial real estate, we not only find a suitable tenant or buyer, but also also give you detailed advice on the various aspects of a lease or sales contract. In other words, we will assist you in every step of the process in order to avoid unpleasant surprises.

Your business premises via Oreon Properties

Are you looking for a renovated warehouse for a hip startup, or a logistics warehouse with sufficient loading/unloading bays, modern business premises for a bank branch, or for a stylish loft office? Oreon Properties helps you in your search for the perfect location in the right building. Also if you want to rent or sell premises you can call on Oreon Properties for advice, a customised plan, and drafting of the various contracts. For further information, make an appointment or call us at +32 (0)14 23 48 23.

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Why choose Oreon Properties

Oreon Properties offers you an unparalleled insight into the property market. If you are interested in renting/leasing or selling/purchasing property, make sure to contact us for tailored advice and a thorough analysis of the available options. Our extensive database allows us to find the commercial property you are looking for.

Oreon Properties also provides a broad range of options for investors. Whether you are renting property or buying land, Oreon Properties prepares an in-depth analysis for you. In addition, you get a comprehensive assessment of the return and the potential risks.

what we offer our clients
  • An ethical approach
    When buying, selling, leasing or renting property, Oreon Properties always operates in compliance with social and ethical norms and values as outlined in the code of ethics for real estate agents.
  • A reliable label
    Oreon Properties is RICS accredited: a quality label for real estate agents demonstrating that we work to the highest international standards. You can trust your agent to always act in your best interest.
  • Valuable advice
    Oreon Properties provides useful and practical advice to both businesses and investors to help them in their search for a suitable commercial property. We like to share our experience in the property market with our clients.
  • A professional approach
    When you partner up with Oreon Properties, you no longer have to explore the property market yourself. We will find the commercial property that meets your requirements and filter out potential tenants and buyers.
  • Large database
    Oreon Properties provides property services for the most diverse companies and customers. Our database gives you direct access to a wide range of available buildings and plots, as well as to an extensive customer base.
  • Professional negotiations
    Negotiations may drag on due to the legal formalities surrounding real estate. Oreon Properties takes care of the negotiations and achieves the best conditions for both parties.
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