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Real estate broker Oreon Properties is your expert in the field of leasing, rental or sale of offices, logistics or industrial property, real estate investments and property management. Investors and companies looking for offices, logistics or industrial property can turn to Oreon Properties for tailor-made professional advice and guidance in all their investments and property transactions. We always put the interests of the customer first, ensure the highest ethical standards and take the social aspect into account.

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What we want to achieve

Our mission as a real estate agent and consultant is to proactively make commercial property profitable for our clients and their partners, while respecting the community.

When we are fully informed of your wishes, current activities and future plans, we think with you about the best strategy for your commercial property, so that your purchase, sale or investment fits your profile perfectly.

In addition to advice, transactions and real estate investments, we also offer real estate brokerage. We always try to smooth out the differences between tenant and landlord in a way that satisfies both parties.

Our strenghts

  • An ethical approach

    When buying, selling, renting and leasing, Oreon Properties is always mindful of society and the strict ethical standards and values described in the code of ethics for estate agents. 

  • A reliable label

    Oreon Properties is accredited by RICS: a quality label for estate agents which demonstrates that we work according to the highest international standards. That means that you can rest assured that we always put your interests first. 

  • Valuable advice

    For both businesses and investors, Oreon Properties offers useful and applicable advice that will facilitate your search for suitable commercial property. We are happy to pass on our experience in the real estate market to our customers. 

  • A professional approach

    Thanks to Oreon Properties, you don't have to scour the property market yourself. We find commercial properties that meet your requirements and filter through potential tenants and buyers ourselves. 

  • Substantial database

    Oreon Properties handles real estate for a wide range of companies and clients. Our database gives you immediate access to a wide range of available properties and land and to an extensive customer base. 

  • Professional negotiations

    Negotiations can be protracted due to the legal formalities concerning real estate. Oreon Properties takes charge of the negotiations and arranges the best conditions for both parties.

We would be happy to make time for you

Oreon Properties helps businesspeople to deploy real estate strategically during the various growth stages of the company. 
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