Industrial real estate

Industrial real estate

Industrial real estate for your company

By industrial property we mean rather larger business premises with a specific industrial function. This function can vary widely, from processing raw materials or storing data in data centres to manufacturing products for the food industry. However, characteristic of industrial properties is that they are often tailor-made. Buying or selling them is no easy task, but with Oreon Properties you will have an expert partner at your side to facilitate your search!

Tailor-made industrial real estate

Industrial premises are often tailored to the production processes of the previous owner or tenant. Ideally, the new owner or tenant should produce or process its goods in a similar way, so that the production processes are as similar as possible and the available process flows can be preserved. It is also important to consider in advance whether there is enough space and facilities available.

Advantages of buying industrial premises

The major advantage of buying industrial real estate is that, when the suitable business premises are found, there is often less need to invest in infrastructure. Even major renovations usually turn out to be cheaper than the construction of a new building. This added value convinces many entrepreneurs to invest in existing industrial premises.

Industrial real estate: what to watch out for

However, when searching for industrial property, it is best to take a well-considered approach. Pay attention to among other things the building materials used, as they largely determine the load-bearing capacity of the structure and the insulation value of the building. When buying an industrial building, always build in some reserve to be able to make any adjustments to the building itself or to the infrastructure.

Industrial real estate with Oreon Properties

Estate agent Oreon Properties helps you buy and sell your industrial property. With attention to the individual aspect and knowledge of the matter, we will search for a suitable party together with you and assist you in drawing up and handling the contract. Our previous successes in buying and selling industrial premises add to our experience. For more information, please ring us on +32(0)14-23 48 23.