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Looking for industrial land?

If you are looking for industrial land for your business, we advise you to get in contact with real estate agent Oreon Properties. Not only do we have a good view of the availability of industrial land in the real estate market, we also know the elements to be considered when purchasing industrial land that fully meets your needs and requirements.

A suitable plot of industrial land

The plot that you choose as industrial land needs to be the subject of a thorough assessment. The shape of the plot must also be taken into consideration. Square and rectangular plots have a greater commercial value than a triangular plot, because they are more versatile. Moreover, the industrial land must be large enough for your business premises, for parking places for trucks, if used, and for goods that can be stored outdoors and do not need to be stored inside the storage space.

The plot that you choose as industrial land needs to be the subject of a thorough assessment.

Industrial land in the right area

Before you buy or lease industrial land, it is also important to check with the municipal authorities in which area it is located. If the industrial land is located in an industrial area zoned for logistics activities, the odds are that you will not be granted permission to use it for production purposes. Do you wish to establish your industrial real estate near a canal and you do not use this waterway, the competent authorities will probably employ fines to deter you from establishing your business at that location. Oreon Properties always checks, for example, whether the industrial land is not located in an area prone to flooding, as this will adversely affect the foundation and insurance costs. Finally, we verify all regulations and laws regarding noise pollution, environmental legislation, etc. to ensure there are no catches or hidden costs when leasing or buying the industrial land.

The plot that you choose as industrial land needs to be the subject of a thorough assessment.

Location analysis of your industrial land

Oreon Properties will address all of the above aspects in a comprehensive location analysis. This analysis will also contain an overview of the adjoining transport routes. Depending on your business activity, it is important to have location close to a motorway, railway station or port. Industrial land within the port, however, is mostly quite difficult to find: Most of this land is concession land that is subject to specific conditions.

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Oreon Properties offers you an unparalleled insight into the property market. If you are interested in renting/leasing or selling/purchasing property, make sure to contact us for tailored advice and a thorough analysis of the available options. Our extensive database allows us to find the commercial property you are looking for.

Oreon Properties also provides a broad range of options for investors. Whether you are renting property or buying land, Oreon Properties prepares an in-depth analysis for you. In addition, you get a comprehensive assessment of the return and the potential risks.

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