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Herentals: Office space with various options (Ref: HK023)

Diamantstraat 6, Herentals

Oreon Properties presents: Frame21, a new way of working, located on a unique, strategic and traffic jam free location. It’s a spectacular office building filled with light and a lot of open space. This inspiring office building boosts the creativity of the people who work there. A place where both small and big companies, can concentrate on their core-business and use their talents to best effect. The office building consists out of three floors which are connected with green patio’s and terraces blurring the line between inside and outside. Frame21 has engineered various concepts to cater to the modern needs of employers and empoloyees: - Full service offices: Ready-to-go workspaces, furnished with furniture designed by Drisag, free internet, IP phones, professional reception.. The rental price includes all costs so it is easy to budget. - Flex offices: The most flexible and cost effective solution. You rent a fully equipped private office for only a couple of days a week tailored to your needs and you get a reduction on other services you would need. In addition, you can get the support of the companies already present. - Virtual offices:Your company can benefit from the professional appearance of the office building. You can register your office at a fraction of the cost of having a traditional office. You get your personal phone number and all your calls will be answered using your companies name. Your post will be forwarded to an address of your choice and you can use the other services at a discounted price. - Long term rent: A traditional rental formula with all the extra services in an environment which has been developed to create synergies as main objective.

Belangrijkste kenmerken van dit handelspand:

- Traffic jam free and easy accessible location
- Landmark building with a professional appearance
- Full service offices
- Flex offices
- Virtual offices
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Urban planning:
  • Summons issued: No
  • Pre-emption right: Yes
  • Allotment permit: Not applicable
  • As Built : No
  • Planning permit: Yes
Flood risk details
  • Actual flood-prone area: No
  • Potential flood-prone area: No
  • Defined flood plain: No
  • Defined riparian area: No
Address details
Diamantstraat 6
2200 Herentals
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commercial real estate real estate real estate agent industrial plot investing in real estate
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commercial real estate real estate real estate agent industrial plot investing in real estate
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